About Us

We are a small group of friends that have been playing the Fantasy Premier League for a little over 10 years now! We are close friends, who compete fiercely against each other in the FPL and this fierce competition has resulted in us always looking out for tips and stats that could help us get green arrows every gameweek. Sadly, in all those years we haven’t been able to find a site to provide us with what we need. So, we decided to start one ourselves, not only to help us succeed but to help every other manager.

On this site, we strive to not only provide you tips but stats and a few tools as well. All stats on this site are free. Yes, you may see a few banner advertisements, but we need that to support running the website and all other expenses that come along with it.

We hope you enjoy using the website and as always, MAY YOUR ARROWS BE GREEN!






A huge thank you to Jethro (Graphic Designer) and Aman (Website Developer) for assisting in the design and development of this website.



If you have any suggestions or feedback, or simply need to get in touch, visit our Contact Us page.

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